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You’re well aware that content is the cornerstone of your business’s online presence. But where you’re stuck is how to create a content strategy you’ll actually use consistently to get the results you want most.

The DIY Content Empire Kit walks you through creating a results-focused content strategy AND the systems you’ll need put it into practice. Best part about it? You can complete the training, create your strategy and set up your systems in a day or even less – meaning that you can start reaching your business and content goals RIGHT AWAY.

Missy Hacker Testimonial for Your Content EmpireHaving a plan of action to follow and come back to is invaluable.

“Before I didn’t have a process at all. I woke up each day and tried to throw something together. Extremely unorganized and not strategic at all. Now I have a plan and a strategy. I feel organized. Like I can actually PLAN in advance instead of always being behind the 8 ball. This is for ANYONE who wants to grow their business!”

– Missy Hacker,

Here’s How it Works…

Strategy And Systems of the Content Empire

I designed this kit to help you build the foundation of your Content Empire. By watching the videos and completing the exercises in this kit (all of which count as work on your actual business. Who has time for busy work? Nobody!), you’ll walk away with your entire content strategy  – from the high-level annual strategy to the action-oriented quarterly content strategy AND a content systems framework, both of which you can use again and again as you build your content empire.

My personal take is that having a strategy isn’t enough to make an impact with content – you need the systems to back it up. Systems you can maintain and that help you consistently and efficiently meet your content (and business!) goals.

Step 1 – Create Your Annual Content Strategy

Step 1 of the DIY Content Empire Kit


Step 2 – Create Your Quarterly Content Strategy

Step 2 of the DIY Content Empire Kit


Step 3 – Create Your Content Empire Systems

Step 1 of the DIY Content Empire Kit


5 Must-Have Content Systems Templates

Bonus 7 Google Spreadsheet Templates + Masterclass for the 5 Must-Have Content Systems

5 Must-Have Content Systems Templates

Bonus Content Empire Digital Planner (Annual Editions) 

What’s Included

✓ 3 Videos to walk you through the process of creating your strategies and systems

✓ 3 Template Kits that you can use again and again to create your usable content strategy

✓ 7 Google Template Sheets & Training Video for the 5 must-have content systems you need to stop wasting time you don’t have

✓ Checklist to track your progress

✓ Lifetime Access so you can come back and revisit

✓ Membership area for convenient use and access (including to any and all updates)

Testimonial from Amber McCueHailey never ceases to amaze me with all of the savvy marketing strategies she has in her toolbox

“Just when you think you have her figured out, she pops up with something more incredible than you could imagine! She gets it done. Even more, she’s incredibly kind and supportive while she’s getting it done. It’s a winning combination you don’t want to miss out on!”

Amber McCue,

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in the kits?

This kit includes 3 videos and 3 template bundles (printable and fillable versions for you to choose from) for each theme (Annual Content Strategy, Quarterly Content Strategy and Content Empire Systems). There’s also a direct link the free Monthly Content Planning Kit. There’s also a bonus training video and 7 Google Sheet Templates for the 5 must-have content systems you need to stop wasting time you don’t have.

How will I access the kit?

After you purchase, you’ll receive an email with your access information.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the instant access nature of this content, there are no refunds.